Nicki Minaj - Nicki Minaj Gets Back To Her Roots...Literally

Nicki at the ‘Other Woman’ premiere in Los Angeles

I’ve never had this much fun recording music in my life. My first album I was very guarded. I felt like I was making music to please everyone else. I had to be politically correct, but this album I am just creating music, and it there’s such a big difference. Literally in the studio we were cracking up laughing, having fun, and enjoying ourselves. The music itself you’re going to get every side that I’ve ever shown and then a little bit extra. I’ve tried to make it very, very balanced, because I don’t ever want to be boxed in, and that’s always what drives me. So I made a very diverse album.

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She threw her titties over the line

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Nicki Minaj talks ‘Lydia’ | The Other Woman

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